"CelloChanWoods is a unique cello retreat with a theme of 'Well Being and the Arts'. It combines the quiet investigative qualities of a Zen retreat with the fun of a summer music camp. What makes this experience different from other music camps is its specific focus on removing a player's physical, emotional, and mental blocks. CelloChanWoods explores the relationship between relaxation, movement, and balance in ways that bring great freedom and authenticity to our cello playing." - Suzanne Smith, director of CelloChanWoods

For the last three summers, Sonja Kraus has been teaching at CelloChanWoods. As head counselor/teacher she is responsible for teaching and coordinating the different cello ensembles as well as individual cello lessons. Additionally she is leads improvisation classes and collaborates with guest artists like Natalie Haas and Yann Falquet

For Sonja this cello camp is always one of the highlights of her summer. She enjoys the non-competitive atmosphere amongst the staff and the participants, the encouraging and positive interaction of cellists, as well as the improvement of meditation skills and self-esteem. The benefits for everyone involved in this cello camp are immense. The retreat is focused on helping the students to experience the joy of music-making and employs the cello as a tool in the work of self-esteem. This results are not only better cello skills, but a happier, healthier human being, capable of tackling the challenges of life.

For more information please visit: www.cellochanwoods.com