While Sonja Kraus is a young artist who possesses a remarkable command of the cello, what impresses me most is the consistent honesty of her music making. Her playing communicates a humble dedication to both the composers whom she performs and the finest traditions of instrumental achievement.

- Prof. Dr. Jonathan Ruck - University of Oklahoma School of Music

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What impressed me most about Sonja Kraus is her strong eagerness to perform a the highest level. Her determination to succeed is her strongest asset, and she constantly is looking for better ways to perform both musically and technically. I wish her all the best in her search for becoming the musician she wants to be.

- Prof. Dr. Thomas Loewenheim - Fresno State University


Sonja Kraus is a very talented Young cellist and musician. Since 2008 I had the pleasure of working with her in different occasions. She is very musical, hard working and dedicated. Her musical joy is present in every rehearsal and performance which makes working with her very gratifying.

- Daniel Geiss - Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

It is with great enthusiasm that I offer this recommendation for Sonja Kraus. As a former conductor at Indiana University I have had the pleasure of working with her as a principal and section cellist on many occasions. On each occasion she demonstrated extremely high levels of musicianship, energy, dedication and leadership that make her an invaluable asset to every ensemble in which she plays.  Her talent, ingenuity and positive attitude make her a truly exceptional musician.

- Nicholas Hersh - Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Since many years I have worked together with Sonja Kraus in the "Johann Strauss Orchestra Wiesbaden". She is always very engaged and has a lot of enthusiasm while playing music. I know her as a responsible and always reliable colleague which is highly appreciated among the orchestra musicians.

To this day, Sonja Kraus can enjoy a outstanding reputation among the colleagues.
Besides her excellent technical abilities and qualifications Sonja is distinguished through her optimism, friendliness, and team spirit. 

- Clemens Gutsche - Frankfurt Radio Orchestra

I have been very fortunate to have Sonja Kraus as an assistant to my studio at the Indiana University String Academy. Sonja is a natural teacher, with a warm and engaging manner. She balances a steady patience with a fun, creative approach to help students  in their cello playing. Sonja will be a great asset to any strings program!

- Helen Ford - Jacobs School of Music String Academy